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​​the Unicorns ARE COMING

Unicorn Events and Nationwide Tour.

For the first time ever, our Unicorn Dream team is making its way across the nation, leaving a sparkling trail of magic behind them. 

So you can participate in the ultimate unicorn adventure wherever you are in the country.

Please note we only accept pre-bookings.

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment

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​​One to One with Unicorns  

Unicorn Land is all about ensuring that your child gets to spend time with the unicorn one on one – so they really get to know their new best friend .

Grooming, hugging and sharing love with a Unicorn creates special moments, that will send shivers down your spine and a create a smile you will never forget. 

​​​​What is unicorn land ?

Unicorn Land is a magical all inclusive land where your dreams really do come true. Want to ride and groom a unicorn, you can. Want to bounce until your heart is content, you can. Want to travel in a unicorn princess carriage, create amazing slime, have one to one time with a Unicorn, fly high in the trampoline bungee, you can. A professional photographer will even be there to capture every smile.


​Fed up of spending a fortune when you are out with your children?

​Unicorn Land is all inclusive – so no need to worry if you little one asks for an ice cream or a drink. It’s included in your ticket price. We even take and give you the photos included in your package.

So leave your pursue or wallet at home Unicorn Dreams has it all covered.

Birthday Special

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​If it’s your birthday let our customer experience team know.

​They can then make arrangements to make your day even more special. 

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Giving Back

​What happens when children aren’t well enough to visit the unicorns in person?

Well the unicorns go and visit the children of course. We are also giving out over 500 free tickets to children in difficult circumstances.

​Unicorns love to heal and spread love we are saving flying time to help our unicorns do this.  ​

​Magical Smiles

We want you to have memories that last a lifetime.

Our magical event will keep you and your children smiling and talking about Unicorn Land for a lifetime.

Our professional photographer will be there to capture the memories with our all Inclusive photographs included in your ticket price. 

​Secret Locations

​Unicorns are very special animals that attract a lot attention. We've done events in the past where 1000s of people have turned up to see our unicorns without tickets, which is why we keep the venue a secret until a few weeks before.  Then we ask you to keep the special secret too. 

​Love our Unicorns ​- Security and safety 

​The safety and welfare of our unicorns are paramount to us.

This is why it’s pre-booked tickets only.

We ensure that you have a time slot and that we keep the venue a secret, to look after our magical creatures. We love our Unicorns and when you meet them you will too. Keeping them safe and you safe is our top priority.

​We have a 100+ safety and procedures document and processes to prove it.

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Hands up who hates queuing?

You won’t have to wait hours to meet a unicorn.

Everyone has pre-booked tickets, to ensure you get to enjoy your experience and not waste time queuing. Also you have one to one time so everything is scheduled days before, the event to maximise our Unicorns rest and relaxation time.  

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