Unicorn Dream Story

How Did Unicorn Dream Come to be?

About Unicorn Dream Nationwide Tour UK

The Magical unicorn Dream journey began with a 9 year old girl, Alyssya Carrington. She longed to meet a unicorn and asked her parents if she could meet one for her birthday. Wanting to bring his daughter the magical experience she wished for, Alyssya’s father set off on a mission.


They went on a 500 mile round-trip to meet a unicorn stable owner who introduced them both to his unicorns. Alyssya fell in love with the animals and decided there and then that she wanted to spend her life taking care of them and sharing the unicorn love with everyone.


Unicorn Dream has grown into something so amazing and we are fortunate to be able to share our beautiful unicorns with children across all cultures and with different backgrounds. Unicorns are skilled at uniting people with their unicorn love, and bringing happiness and bliss to all those around them.


You will never forget the look of astonishment on your child’s face when they see a real live unicorn. Their smile will stay with your forever.


Giving back, spreading the love where it’s needed the most


Unicorn Hospital Visits


Our unicorns spread their love throughout hospitals across the country by visiting unwell children and children with terminal illnesses. Unicorn Dream will be donating 500 tickets to ill and terminally ill children, as well as those in need. Unicorns have a very special way of lighting up a child’s face and filling their hearts with love, wonder and joy. We’re all about bringing smiles and magical moments to those who need them the most, and this is one of the things that makes unicorns so very special.

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