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It’s not an impossible dream to meet a unicorn. It’s what we do here at Unicorn Dream! We love watching kid’s as they see a unicorn for the first time. It’s a magical experience, and it’s exciting every single time. We also know that not every child wants to have the same experience, so we’ve designed a few different packages. There’s something for everyone!


Fairy Mix

The Fairy Mix package has a little bit of everything. When you arrive, our team of specially trained fairies will meet you, and take you to watch a special safety video. They’ll also give you a short talk on how unicorns live, and how to take care of a unicorn. They can answer any questions you have, and tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about unicorns.



After that, it’s off to meet the unicorns. You will groom the unicorns, and get to know them. Our photographer will be there as well to capture your special day. You’ll be able to take 3 printed images home with you so you’ll have a memory to keep forever. After that it’s time for a 15 minute riding session on the unicorn we’ve matched you with.



There’s also the opportunity to win a special unicorn prize, and you’ll get a certificate of your day. You’ll also get 30 minutes in Unicorn Land, our speciality theme park!



This experience lasts for around 60 minutes



Up Up And Away



Our Up Up And Away package has everything our Fairy Mix package has, but it also has a little bit extra.



You’re greeted by our fairy team, and they’ll show you a safety video, and talk to you about unicorns, how they live, how to look after them, and how to ride them safely. They’ll answer your questions, but they know you’re excited to meet the unicorns.



So, you’ll be taken to meet the unicorns, groom them, and spend a bit of time with them. Our photographer will take some pictures of you and the unicorns. You’ll get to take three of these images home with you as a keepsake of your magical day. After the unicorns are groomed and ready, it’s time for your 15 minute riding session.



The Up Up And Away package also sends you home with a certificate of your day, and a special gift box, which includes a keyring, and a pictures book. You get entry into our Unicorn Race, and special prizes. You also get 45 minutes in Unicorn Land, with an entry into the Great British Slime Off Competition.



This experience lasts around 75 minutes.



Super Star Combination Package



Our amazing Super Star Combination package starts the same as our other packages, and then takes a turn for the magical.



Our team of fairies will meet you, and talk to you about safety, and how to care for a unicorn. You’ll also get to watch a specially created video, and ask any questions you might have.



After the video, you’ll be taken to meet the unicorns. You’ll get to groom the unicorns, and you’ll get to dress up a unicorn. We’ll have a photographer ready to capture all your special unicorn moments, and you’ll get 5 images to take home. Choose your favourite and we’ll frame it for you to keep forever. We’ll send you 30 digital images as well, so you can remember every minute of your day.



Once the unicorn is ready, you get a 30 minute riding session.



You also get a certificate to take home, you can win special prizes, and a gift box. Your gift box includes a keyring, a pictures book, and a special Unicore rosette.



As well as getting an amazing experience with the unicorns, you also get access to Unicorn Land, our special theme park. You’ll also have an entry into the Great British Slime Off Competition, and the Unicorn Race.



This experience lasts for around 100 minutes.



Unicorn Friends Forever Package



The Unicorn Friends Forever package is our most comprehensive package. You’ll be greeted by a private team of fairies, and they will be your guides for the day. You’ll have a guided tour of Unicorn Land, and plenty of opportunities to ask all your questions. You’ll have a talk and video on safety, how to care for a unicorn, and everything you need to know.



After that, you’re off to the unicorn stables where you’ll be able to groom a unicorn, dress up, and our photographer will be on hand to capture images of your day. You’ll have 5 images to take home, and we’ll frame your favourite image for you. We’ll also send you more than 50 digital images so you’ll have plenty of keepsake memories from your amazing day.



Once you, and the unicorns are ready, it’s time to ride. You can have a 30 minute riding session, or a 30 minute Unicorn Trail Walk.



You’ll also have access to Unicorn Land, our special theme park. You’ll receive a personalised Friends certificate, and a unicorn gift box, including a keyring, pictures book, and a Unicore rosette. Our unicorns will also send you a birthday card, and a Christmas card.



You’ll be able to dress up like a unicorn, and you get an entry into the Great British Slime Off Competition. There’s also special prizes throughout the day.



This package also gives you a second complimentary visit to the unicorn stables. You’ll be able to groom and feed your unicorn. This visit is taken within 90 days of your first Unicorn Dream experience.



You also get a free 3 month unicorn sponsorship trial. You can continue your sponsorship for a yearly fee.



This experience lasts around 120 minutes.