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Unicorn Dream fast becoming the essential ticket

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Unicorn Dream tickets are fast becoming the must-have tickets of the summer.

After thousands of parents spent Christmas hunting around for last years must have present – Unicorn poo-maker, the toy that sold out so quickly it even left Santa’s elves frantically looking for alternatives.

It turns out that next on the wish list of every little girls was a ticket to meet and ride a unicorn in Unicornland. Making sure Unicorn Dream tickets are fast becoming the must-have tickets of the summer.

The event which allows children to meet, groom, ride or experience the unicorn drawn carriage is selling out fast with parents scrambling to get their kids tickets to this special event. On top of the children getting quality face to face time with Unicorns, taking as many pictures as they can they also have Unicorn land; a magical experience which includes bouncy castles, theatre show, slime mixology, face painting, unicorn dress up, unicorn dress up races and as much unicorn fun as they can manage plus the opportunity to compete in “The Great British Slime Off” that will be judged by some of the countries top slime experts.

These events are great days out for all involved, so good they inspired a father and daughter to team up and start a company together, this happened when they took a trip of over 250 miles to meet a unicorn for her birthday. After their experience they both knew they had to bring Unicorn love to other children across the country for them to enjoy.

Due to unbelievable demand we have had to add extra dates 3 times this year already and we only just coming into spring, the demand has been amazing we even have families flying in from abroad just for the chance to enjoy this unique and special experience.

Tickets are still available for this magical day go to our ticket page HERE