Great British Slime Off

Will you win the Unicorn POO slime challenge?

Kids Can Participate in The Great British Slime Off

It begins in our lab…



At Unicorn Land, our team of unicorn experts have worked hard to develop a secret formula for unicorn POO slime. You’ll be pleased to know that they have kindly agreed to share this secret formula with our guests and is included as part of select packages.



Children (and their adults) will have the opportunity to work alongside our skilled team in our Mixing Centre and Mixology Lab, where they will create their very own Unicorn POO.



And ends with the ultimate challenge…



Children get to show off their creations in “The Great British Slime Off” competition and win fantastic unicorn prizes. The competition has celebrity judges and the best slime makers of June-September even get to appear in a special live-stream event.

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