Secret Locations

Why do we Keep Our Locations a Secret?

Unicorns are very special animals that very few people have seen. They attract a lot attention. We’ve done events in the past where 100’s of people have turned up to see our unicorns without tickets.

Although our unicorns love attention and interaction with people, big crowds can unsettle them. As well as this, we believe that time shared between a unicorn and their new friend should be a private affair, where only those actually designated to attend are there. This way, your child can really get to know our unicorns and our unicorns can get to know them! We strive to provide proper one-on-one time with our unicorns so that your child can make the most of their visit and have as much fun as possible.

For these reasons, we are now a pre-booked event only so that we can control the number of people interacting with our unicorns at any one time. This is also essential for the unicorns’ rest and relaxation time. Like people, they need time to unwind too!

How do we Keep Our Locations a Secret?

You will receive a bespoke experience email 30 days before your event, where we let you in on the whereabouts of our secret location. We kindly request that customers keep our location a secret too so that our unicorns can avoid crowds.

We select each secret location carefully to suit the needs of our unicorns and our guests. We make sure we choose fun places that we know your child will love. We make sure that all our locations are as central as possible and have excellent transport routes so that our customers can find us with ease.

Please call us with your booking reference number if you need any further information. We’ll be happy to help.

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