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Safety First

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Unicorns – Safety First

All our unicorns want to do is make your dreams come true. But they also want you to be safe, so we’re going to tell you how to be safe, and why it’s important.

The Night Before

The night before you meet a unicorn, there’s one thing you need to do. Sleep! It’s going to seem impossible, but it’s really important. Our unicorns want you to have the best ever time with them, but you need to have had a good night’s sleep to do that. So, put down the tablet, close your eyes, and count unicorns until you drift off.

Importantly they also want you to make sure you have breakfast in the morning before you meet them. They’ll be eating their breakfast, thinking about meeting you, so you can eat your breakfast and think about meeting them!

Meeting A Unicorn

Meeting a unicorn is absolutely magical. And they can’t wait to meet you! But there’s a few things you need to remember when you first meet a unicorn.

Unicorns are magical creatures, but they can still get scared like the rest of us. Walk up to the unicorn slowly, and quietly. Don’t come from behind the unicorn as they can’t see you there. They have a blind spot, so make sure you walk where they can see you.

  • Unicorn blind spots are directly behind, and directly in front of them. This means they can get a bit scared if someone walks up from behind, or from the front of them.  They just can’t see people walking towards them like that. Instead, walk from the side, where they can see you, they’ll be happy to say hello then.

Unicorns like to be spoken to, but they don’t like loud noises. Talk to the unicorn. Tell them your name, or talk to them about how excited you are to meet them. Don’t shout or scream at the unicorn. You probably don’t like to be shouted at, and they don’t either. As they are very good listeners though, feel free to tell them anything you want to.

Unicorns love treats. Everybody does. If you want to give the unicorn a treat, put it in your hand and keep your hand flat. The unicorn will take the treat from your flat hand, and if you listen closely, you might hear them say thank you.

  • Some of our unicorns like apples. Some like carrots. Some even like mint sweets and sugar cubes. Our fairies will tell you which treat is your unicorns favourite.

Grooming A Unicorn

Unicorns love a bit of pampering. They love to have their coats brushed, and their manes and tails combed. It makes them feel good.

Our fairies will show you how to use a different brush for different parts of the unicorn’s body. Unicorns love to be brushed, but we don’t just groom them because it’s fun, or because they enjoy it. Although, it is fun and they do enjoy it. It also helps keep them healthy. Grooming keeps them clean, and it improves their skin and coat, so they’re really shiny, and pretty.

After the unicorns are groomed, our fairies will show you the different pieces of tack needed to ride a unicorn. The saddle goes onto the unicorns back, which is where you’ll be sitting. A bridle goes onto the unicorns head, and you hold onto the reins. The fairies will show you how to use the reins to direct the unicorn where to go.

When you’re grooming the unicorns, and getting them ready to ride, don’t go around behind the unicorn. If you need to get from one side of the unicorn to the other, just duck under the head instead.

Riding A Unicorn

Riding a unicorn is a wonderful experience, and our unicorns are waiting to show you how much fun riding is. You’ll feel like you’re flying, and our unicorns would love to give you this fantastic experience.

We’ll provide you with a riding hat and make sure it fits you properly, but there’s some things you can do to be prepared.


You don’t need to buy anything special to ride a unicorn, but we do have some recommendations on what you do wear.

Wear leggings or jeans that fit properly. Loose clothing can get wrapped up in the stirrups, and nobody wants that. We’d also recommend that you don’t wear trainers, or wellie boots. You can wear shoes, but try to wear ones with no laces.  Make sure that the soles are thick, and that your foot is well supported.

Whatever t-shirt or top you want to wear is up to you, but just make sure it isn’t too loose or baggy. Colour and design doesn’t matter, but Cupcake loves pinks and purples!


Riding a Unicorn is so much fun. It’s amazing! That’s all we, and the unicorns want for you too! So, remember to have fun! There is no problem if you are nervous, especially if you’ve never ridden a unicorn before. Everybody feels nervous sometimes. So, if you do feel a little nervous, or a little shy, tell the unicorn. They’re fantastic at making everyone feel better.


Our goal is that we want you to have as much fun as your child, or children, does, but unfortunately there are just some things that you won’t be able to do. However, we absolutely want you to see and share in the experience your child has.

Also we just want to reassure you that our unicorns love children. All they want is for every child to have a great time, and oodles of fun. They’re also highly trained, and know their jobs well. Our unicorns just want to see your child smile their first unicorn smile.

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