Safety and Security

Safety and Security – For you and our unicorns

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We care for our guests


Yours and your child’s safety is important to us, and as such, we have specific rules and regulations we abide by completely.

Controlled Access

No child is able to leave Unicorn Land without the adult they entered Unicorn Land with. We have ensured that access is controlled at all times and we only have one entrance and one exit to make this process more efficient.

Each child is given a bracelet upon arrival which they must wear during their time at Unicorn Land. We carry out checks to make sure that each child is matched with the correct adult before leaving, so there’s no chance your child will wander from our site alone or with a stranger.

DBS Checked and Highly-Trained Staff

Whilst on our premises, we have a responsibility to keep your child safe. We carry out DBS checks on all staff before they come into our employment.

We only employ highly-qualified people who are thoroughly trained to work with our animals. We also have a skilled management team that has been properly trained and is well-equipped to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

For more detailed safety information please read our policy.

We care for our unicorns


Our unicorns come from verified and certified centres and live in the highest quality conditions. They are all looked after by fully-qualified people who love them and care for them like their own family. Our unicorns have comfortable stables with warm hay and plenty of food and drink to fill their bellies.

Unicorns don’t just need practical looking after. They also need heaps of love to make them feel like the special animals they are. Their caregivers provide this for them too, making sure that they are always happy, well-rested and loved. Our standards are extremely high and our unicorns are loved and looked after at all times.

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