Our Unicorns

Unicorns fly away; but ours always come back. Certainly this is because we take such great care of them and above all they love spending time with children.



Therefore the Unicorns love to come back to their homes in their stables, where they know that they will be showered with this love and affection.



Our Unicorns are taken care of to the highest standards, we look after them, nourish them and shower them with love.  Above all health and safety regulations are followed, strictly and carefully.



Furthermore we do this as standard, at the same time as making sure the safety and happiness of your child, in our care, above all is our priority.



Meet our Unicorns, who are certainly amazing creatures and find out special secret information for when you meet them.



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See our latest video by clicking on the play button below.

See our latest video by clicking on the play button above.