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What to Expect at Unicorn Land

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Unicorn Land – Bring on the Magic


Visiting Unicorn Land is like a dream come true for children. The look of amazement on their faces when they see a real unicorn is priceless, and we’re sure you’ll agree.

We work very  hard to make sure your child has the most fun possible and that they feel just as special and precious as our unicorns.


Based on our top package, this is what you can expect from your day:


  1. You will enter unicorn land on a glamorous red carpet, stopping at the end to get snapped by our paparazzi!
  2. Because safety is important, you will be invited to watch a short safety presentation to make sure you know all the ins and outs of our safety regulations.
  3. Our team of beautiful sparkly fairies will be there to welcome you into our magical Unicorn Land and guide you to meet your new unicorn friend.
  4. Your child will spend time grooming their new friend, feeding them and playing with them.
  5. Your child can dress up as a princess so that she can really feel the part. She can also play dress-up with a unicorn, which will be a wonderful photograph opportunity.


The fun doesn’t stop there!

We have a number of unicorn-themed activities that will bring  joy to your day. We have:

Unicorn Rodeo – Become a real unicorn rider by taking a unicorn ride down our magical unicorn trail.  Children love taking the reins.

Unicorn bungee – Jump as high as you can with our unicorn bungee, and even learn tricks and flips!

Unicorn POO slime – Join our team in our mixology lab to create your own unicorn POO slime.

The Great British Slime-Off – Enter our Great British Slime-Off competition with the POO slime you created. Win fantastic unicorn prizes with your new-found skills.

A unicorn bouncy castle with a unicorn DJ – What should you do when you’re just too excited? Bounce!

Face painting – Your child can become their favourite creature, whether that’s a unicorn, fairy or something else entirely.

A unicorn Punch & Judy show – We have put our own spin on the classic and much-loved puppet show. Shows are hourly.

Competitions – We conduct competitions throughout the day where children get the opportunity to win special unicorn prizes through unicorn-themed quizzes and dressing up.

Arts and crafts – Enjoy some arts and crafts time, making unicorn crafts with your child.

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We have a large variety of unicorn toys and games, as well as gift boxes to give to children. We provide photographs of your magical day so that you can take the joy with you when you leave. At Unicorn Land, we truly create magical memories that will stay with you and your child forever.