Fun for Ages 3-15

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There’s No Stopping the Fun at Unicorn Land for Ages 3-15



Fun with our unicorns – Our unicorns are our pride and joy and are without a doubt the best thing about Unicorn Land. Viewing our unicorns from a distance just wouldn’t be as much fun as:



Meeting them up close

Grooming them

Dressing them up

Taking photos with them

Playing with them

Riding them

Cheering your favourite on while they race



3-15 year olds get to enjoy all these activities with our unicorns while they’re here (depending on the specific package you’ve chosen). It really is non-stop unicorn fun!



Face painting and dressing up – Part of being in Unicorn Land is embracing the magic within yourself and using your imagination to become part of our magical land. We help your child with this by painting their face and providing exquisite clothes to dress as their favourite character or animal.



Unicorn puppet show – Everyone knows punch & Judy. But not many have seen it performed unicorn-style. Now you will have the chance to watch our fantastical unicorn puppet show with unicorns galore.



Unicorn bouncy castle – Your children can bounce away with our unicorn bouncy castle. It’s always a hit with the kids. The only problem may be when it’s time to get off!



The Great British Slime Off – Work with our team to make some unicorn POO slime in our mixology lab. Use their formula or get creative and come up with your own. Once you’re happy with your final slime product, you can enter “The Great British Slime Off” for a chance to win special unicorn prizes.



Arts and Crafts – Crafting is one of our more relaxing activities which children can enjoy. Get creative with the glue sticks and paints, making unicorn crafts.



Unicorn bungee – Quite the opposite to a relaxing craft session, our unicorn bungee is to satisfy your daring, thrill-seeking side. See how high you can jump and try out some flips and tricks.



Unicorn Land is proud to cater to all ages. We offer you a large range of fun unicorn activities to keep everyone entertained and feeling magical while they’re here.

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