Fun for Ages 1-3

We have loads of exciting activities for younger guests

little girl with unicorn

Entertainment and Fun for 1-3 Year Olds


Younger guests are welcome at Unicorn Land. We have plenty to keep them entertained throughout their visit and can guarantee smiles all round!


Meet our unicorns – Your little one will be captivated by our magical, mystical unicorns, full of colour and beauty. Our unicorns are all super friendly and love spending time with children. You’re never too young to appreciate the wonder of unicorns!


Ride our unicorns – Your little one may be too young for a saddle ride but there’s nothing stopping them from enjoying a ride on a unicorn-drawn carriage with you. You’ll take a ride down our magical unicorn trail.


Face paining fun and dressing up – Does your child have a favourite magical being? Perhaps a unicorn or a fairy? Whatever amazes them most, they will have the opportunity to become that character during their time here, through face painting and dressing up.


Unicorn puppet show – Children of all ages love to watch our unicorn puppets in action. We create entertaining and captivating shows for our guests and encourage interaction from the audience.


Arts and Crafts – Get creative with your child and make some age-appropriate unicorn arts and crafts. We particularly love painting, gluing and colouring.


Toys and games – We have a large range of toys and games aimed at 1-3 year olds which they can help themselves to while they’re here.

Bring your little one along with you to Unicorn Land. You will all have a fantastic time.

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