For Grown Ups

Magical Smiles

A magical day for children and adults

grown up's unicorn dream events

Unicorn Land is not just for children. We encourage adults (who are able to attend for free!) to get involved too! We know that the magic of unicorns can spread like wildfire, and adults are just as receptive as children. This is why we have created activities designed for adults as well as children, to get you involved in the magical themes throughout Unicorn Land too.



Adults get all the fun of learning about unicorns and meeting them, alongside their child. We also invite adults to have a bounce around, make Unicorn POO slime, participate in the Unicorn Rodeo and even have a go on the super fun bungee trampoline!



We’ve worked hard to make sure that the Unicorn Land experience is magical for all who enter. We guarantee plenty of magical smiles and fun. To make the very best of your time at Unicorn Land, we ask that you bring (in addition to the kids) an abundance of imagination, oodles of excitement and plenty of joy.

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