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How long does the experience last?

A. It depends on which Package you choose but the minimum length of time will be 60 minutes; and some of you will be with us for 120 minutes of fun!

How much is an experience?

A. Prices start from just £37!  Please check out our full prices here:

Contact details

A. We love to hear from you. Drop us an email or you can give us a call.

Our Contact Details are:

Telephone: 0207 889 9001 or

Email: hello@unicorndream.co.uk

Do I need to bring my own helmet?

A. Everything you need for the day is provided to you by us: helmets, saddles, waterproofs, slime and much more including enough glitter to make the Eiffel Tower sparkle (probably).

Are there any age, weight or height restrictions?

A. We want everyone to experience Unicorns but predominantly we are focusing on 2-14 year olds for these specific experiences. However, we are more than capable of accommodating for adults any other time.  Please either book via the services page here: or contact us directly here:

Is there wheelchair access?

A. Unicorn Dreams is for everyone, so yes, we can – so long as it’s safe and it makes your child happy, we are on it. We take all necessary actions to ensure the maximum inclusion possible for all of our little guests.

What is the cancellation policy?

A. Customers are able to change their experience dates up until 48 hours prior to the start time of the event. Please call and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Can I hire a Unicorn?

A. Yes, but only if it really wants to come. We attend children’s parties, weddings, corporate events, etc. Please see our services page and do get in touch.

How does the Dream Home 3D print stable competition work?

A. Well, first of all, it’s free, yes free!

Earlier this year we opened a competition for children between the ages of 2-14 (sorry Mums and Dads) via school’s clubs and our services, offering a chance to design a dream home for your favourite Unicorn. The winning design will be built using the latest 3D printing technology and will be not just super glamorous but also eco-friendly. The winning design will be made into the first 3D printed Unicorn stables in the world. The winner of the competition will be invited as the guest of honour to open the new building (along with Mum and Dad) and enjoy a VIP day out on us, plus win Unicorn birthday parties for life.

Can I bring extra children on the day?

A. Usually we believe in the more the merrier, but experience has shown Unicorns are like rock stars who attract big crowds and lots of flashing lights.

So, to make sure those who have paid for the experience get maximum enjoyment we request you invite the minimum number of spectators as possible.

Only those with valid bookings will be able to take part in the activities and photo opportunities but there will be areas for non-participants to relax (all under 16’s must be accompanied at all times)

Are the address details on the ticket?

A. Yes, in most cases. But if not, we will send you the exact address details within the next 30 days, along with any parking information.

Why do you not allow booking on the day?

A. The experiences we offer have been so popular.

We have learnt that pre-booking events manages the process much better. Plus, the Unicorns always like to know who they are meeting before the day.

We also take the welfare of our 4-legged friends very seriously and we need to make sure that they have enough rest during their busy days.

Will you be adding any more experiences dates?

A. Having already added 20 extra tours this year we will have to check with the Unicorns, they don’t like to disappoint so we will do our best to add dates where we can, in addition the events team are available to discuss other group options (weddings, private parties, etc.)

Can parents and guardians earn?

A. Yes.

Unicorns want to meet as many children as possible so if you can facilitate an event and 35 people booked we will come to your town and you can earn £500 in the process. We have also found that when local parents assist us, whilst on tour, to be very useful, and have set aside funds to compensate those who have helped us make the experience day special (up to £500 available).

Can I book a Unicorn party?

A. Yes, we try our best to please. Have a look at our services page.  You can find this page here:

Do parents need to stay?

A. Yes. 100% of the time.

Can I change my booking day or the time of the booking?

A. Yes, provided you have given us no less than 24 hours prior to your experience, we will try to accommodate you. But please note, our events are usually booked up and we can only offer an alternative if there is one (£15 admin will apply).

Can I pay on the day?

A. There is a possibility that there may be spaces for Unicorn Land on the day, but they are likely to be extremely limited.

Are the bouncy castles checked for safety?

A. Yes.

100% in accordance with HSE regulations. Good practice is to check our bouncy castle every year, we check ours every month. Safety first.

How safe are the Unicorns?

A. Unicorns are not only cute they are incredibly safe. We take every step necessary to ensure the safety of all our guests at all our events and all staff are fully trained.

How safe is grooming?

A. Very safe, and so much fun. Making Unicorns pretty is my favourite bit. We take every step necessary to ensure the safety of all our guests at all our events.

What should I expect from my day?

A. A once in a lifetime experience for your child, which includes time with a Unicorn, plus lots of other activities. Please have a look at the packages we offer her:

Why the different packages?

A. So we can offer more of an experience.

We give you the choice on which experience you prefer and by offering a choice, it also allows us to give more people the chance to enjoy the experience.

As we all have different dreams and expectations we have tried to cater where ever possible for as a diverse group as we were able to encompass education, action and fun.

If I sponsor a Unicorn what will I get?

A. The full 90 minutes experience including 30 minutes of riding time, +1 Complimentary visit to the Unicorn stable where you will be able to the groom and feed your Unicorn (complimentary visit must be within 90 days of purchase) as well as 3 months Unicorn free sponsorship, which includes; email, magazine and photo updates (£80 per annum thereafter).

Why do I have to fill out a consent form?

A. Safety is our priority and it should be yours, so we like to share as much about your experience before you enjoy it.

What happens if the weather is bad?

A. Rain is like fun juice to children, it does not stop our Unicorns. We often have to put on waterproofs and have our fairies and staff provide umbrellas.

Children love Unicorns and Unicorns love children and the weather can’t dampen that. If needed, waterproof ponchos and umbrellas will be available for experienced participants.

Are you insured?

A. Yes. We are insured and licensed to operate.  Information on this is avaialable on request.

Who provides the Unicorns?

A. The Unicorn mums.

Unicorns come from loving homes where they have been treated to the highest standards of care.

Are the Unicorns looked after?

A. Yes.

Very well looked after.

We take the welfare of our 4-legged friends very seriously and we need to make sure that they have enough rest during their busy days. In addition, the stables are checked monthly and the Unicorns are kept in top condition by their loving stable hands (fairies).

If we told you our Unicorns were looked after as well as their handlers are, that would be a huge understatement. Our Unicorns are loved.

How did Unicorn Dream Come about?

A. We have a very simple answer.

It all started with a little girls dream and a father who brought it to life. For more details take a look at our about us page here: .

How does my day at Unicorn Land work?

A. Depending on which of the prepaid experiences has been booked, time will be allocated (minimum of 30 minutes per guest) in addition to the magical time spent one on one with the Unicorns.

What happens if I want to upgrade on the day?

A. Due to pre-booking policy, any “on the day” upgrades would be subject to availability and will incur additional charges.