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Search Events near you.

So you would like to find where an event it near you, or on a particular day/date?


Then please follow the instructions below for various devices to search events.


On a PC (Windows) or on a Mac (i-Mac, Macbook etc.) you can search for items on a page quite easily.


Follow these steps:


Press the CNTRL F keys together (CMD and F on a Mac).

At the bottom of your browser you will see something similar to this:

Or in Safari on a Mac it will be at the top right of the browser.  Like this:

In the box next to the magnifying glass enter what you want to search for.  For instance you can enter a date – July 1st, at town name, the first three letters of a Postcode.  As you type the highlight on your screen will jump to your search term.


For example:

Search Events and Book Events


You can also carry out a page search on an Android device – Tablet or Phone.


With the booking page open on a tablet or phone, tap on the three dots on the top right of the screen.  Like this:

Search Events and Book Events

When the next screen opens scroll down until you find the words Find in Page:

Search Events and Book Events

When you tap on Find in Page a search box will open up at the top of the page, enter your search term in that box and as you do so the page will automatically scroll to that search term.


To close the search box on the tablet or phone tap on the X on the top right of the screen


You can search web pages on an i-Phone.


It is a little more complicated but possible.


With the Booking page open on your phone tap on the top search bar (where you normally enter web site addresses), type in your search term.  I.e. a town name or a date for instance – don’t worry about the screen that opens.


Now tap on the white background and you will see, at the bottom of the list of searched items, the words On this Page:

Search Events and Book Events

Then tap on the search term just under the words, in this case June 1st.  The i-Phone will jump to the browser page with that search term on it:

Search Events and Book Events


Best of Luck!

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