Up, Up and Away

Your unicorn adventure will take you to new heights for just £49!

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Our Up, Up and Away Package is Perfect for Little Dreamers


Our Up, Up and Away package lasts for 75 minutes.


You will be welcomed by our team of fairies who love to interact with humans. They’ll take you through an exciting Unicorn learning adventure where you will get to know the unique lifestyle of Unicorns. You will then be taken to the meet our Unicorns where you can get to know them through grooming and playtime.


Your adventure will conclude with a magical Unicorn ride, with either a saddle or a carriage. 3 special pictures will be taken throughout the experience so that these cherished memories can be remembered.


Our Up, Up and Away package includes:


A certificate to show of your new-found unicorn skills and knowledge

Special prizes to be won

A gift box of goodies including a key ring and unicorn picture book

Entry into our “Great British Slime Off” Competition

Watching our Unicorn race

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