Unicorn Friends Forever

Enjoy a full Unicorn Land experience with your new friend – £79

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Our Fairy Mix offers a full 60 minutes of unicorn fun.


Our team of fairies will be there to welcome you to Unicorn Land. You will have the opportunity to learn some key fun facts about Unicorns and how they live, before being whisked away to meet and groom our unicorns. Playtime’s never been this exciting.


During your Unicorn time we will capture 3 very special moments on camera so that you can take the memories home with you.


After you’ve all got to know the Unicorns, it will be time to ride them! You can choose to ride by saddle or a carriage, whichever your child prefers. The ride will last up to 15 minutes and is a truly magical experience for all.


Our fairy package includes:


A chance for the child to win a special unicorn prize

3 photos of your child’s time with the unicorns

A certificate to show your new-found unicorn skills and knowledge

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