The Kings, Queens and Princesses

The Kings, Queens and Princesses – £159

Have a royal time with the whole family!

Special Events

Royalty Meets Unicorns


Our Kings, Queens and Princesses Package is approximately 120 minutes of unicorn fun.


Our Kings, Queens and Princesses Package encourages the whole family to get involved with the wonder and enchantment of Unicorn Land. Our team of fantastically magical fairies will welcome your family to Unicorn Land in preparation for your royal treatment.


You will begin with your learning experience, where you’ll learn loads of information about unicorns and other magical creatures. You will all then have the opportunity dress up as kings, queens and princesses, touring Unicorn Land like the royalty you are. You’ll meet, groom and play with your new unicorn friend, and even dress them up too. We will take 5 stunning photos of you with your unicorn friend, which we will frame for you to take home that day.


Take some time to explore Unicorn Land and take part in the unicorn activities before you sit down to your royal unicorn picnic.


Your experience will conclude with a Unicorn Rodeo. You will enjoy a peaceful unicorn ride along the magical unicorn trail, either by saddle or carriage. The ride will last for up to 30 minutes.


We will take a total of 50 photos throughout your special day and post them to you.


This is what you will experience on the day:

Time at our unicorn stables to groom and play with the unicorns

3 months of free unicorn sponsorship where you will get photos and email updates of your unicorn friend (£80 per annum after that)

A personalised friend certificate to certify your new budding friendship

A birthday card and Christmas card from your new friend

A gift box which includes a keyring, unicorn picture book and a unicorn rosette

Special prizes to be won

Unicorn dress-up – For you and your new unicorn friend

Unicorn food and drink – Feed your new friend

A unicorn gift box containing all things unicorn

A visit to Unicorn Land so that you may visit your new friend again soon (Must be within 90 days of initial Unicorn Dream experience)

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