Superstar Combination

Become a superstar with our most popular Unicorn package – £79

kids and stars cropped

Bring Out the Superstar in You


With our Superstar Package, guests will have up to 100 minutes of Unicorn fun.


Our fairy team will be there to greet you on arrival before showing you our specially created Unicorn Dream cartoon. It’s during this time you will learn all the Unicorn knowledge that will make you a true Unicorn fan and prepare you for meeting your new friends.


Next comes the exceptionally exciting part, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. You will meet, groom and play with our real live unicorns. You will be able to dress these beautiful creatures up and take 5 breathtaking pictures. All 5 of your captured moments will be framed for you to take home.


Throughout your entire experience we will take a total of 30 amazing photos and post them to you at our cost.


Before the end of your experience you’ll have the opportunity to ride a unicorn, by either a saddle or a carriage. The ride will last up to 30 minutes and we know your little Unicorn fan will love the experience.


Your special day will include:

A certificate to show off your child’s new-found unicorn skills and knowledge

Special prizes to be won

Unicorn dress-up – Both the unicorn and your little unicorn fan

Unicorn food and drink – Feed the Unicorns!

Entry into our “Great British Slime Off” competition

Watching our Unicorn race

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