How to Book

Unicorn Land is an exclusive place with no queues

Pre-Booking Only

Booking Beforehand is Essential

In order to control the amount of guests we have at any one time, we only accept pre-bookings. This is for the happiness of our unicorns and our guests. We don’t want Unicorn Land to be too busy and overcrowded for everyone to enjoy themselves to the max. And as we have a controlled pre-booking policy, we have no queues!

Unicorn Dream Nationwide Tour UK an Event Near You

Our booking is simple:


Choose your package based on your preferences

Choose the most convenient location and date on our location page. Please check you’re looking at the right date and location when searching.

Navigate to our booking page and select the date, time and package you would like

Go through the payment process

Once everything’s complete you’ll receive a confirmation email

14 days before the experience, our customer experience manager will email you with all the information you need to make sure your day is as magical as possible. They will select the right unicorn for you and will help you create your special day.


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