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The UK’s first nationwide unicorn tour.

Press Release – Unicorn Dream The UK’s first nationwide unicorn tour. It’s National Unicorn Day on Tuesday April 9 Here’s four ways to bring some fairy-tale unicorn magic into your life: Get the children to decorate biscuits unicorn style. Simply decorate a digestive biscuit in the prettiest pastel colours of icing and add plenty of […]

Unicorn Dream fast becoming the essential ticket

Unicorn Dream tickets are fast becoming the must-have tickets of the summer. After thousands of parents spent Christmas hunting around for last years must have present – Unicorn poo-maker, the toy that sold out so quickly it even left Santa’s elves frantically looking for alternatives. It turns out that next on the wish list of […]

Two Dreams for the Price of One

Unicorn Dream Events A father and daughter have teamed up to create a business that is creating smiles all over. Unicorn dream was founded by an award-winning Entrepreneur and his 9-year-old daughter. The company is amazing because they worked together for her passion, which is Unicorns and through her understanding of what interests children.   They […]

Safety First

Unicorns – Safety First All our unicorns want to do is make your dreams come true. But they also want you to be safe, so we’re going to tell you how to be safe, and why it’s important. The Night Before The night before you meet a unicorn, there’s one thing you need to do. […]

Our Unicorns – What Makes Them Special

Everyone wants to meet a unicorn. And why wouldn’t you? They’re beautiful, and graceful, wonderful, and magical. But let’s take a closer look at unicorns, where they came from, and why they’re special. What Is A Unicorn? Quite simply, a unicorn is magic. It’s a bit like a pony, but it has a horn in […]

Unicorn Dream Packages

    It’s not an impossible dream to meet a unicorn. It’s what we do here at Unicorn Dream! We love watching kid’s as they see a unicorn for the first time. It’s a magical experience, and it’s exciting every single time. We also know that not every child wants to have the same experience, [...]