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Unicorn Dream is unforgettable experience for small and big children
which will last forever, the day they meet their first Unicorn.

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About Unicorn Dream



Unicorn Dream was set up with these things  in mind; the moment of joy on a child’s face when they see and can touch a unicorn.



Importantly at Unicorn Dream we know the smile they have while riding a unicorn therefore will last in their memories for a lifetime.



The Unicorn Dream experience includes exploring how Unicorns live,  grooming and dressing up, plus a chance ride.



There is even the chance to sponsor your favourite Unicorn.



Where they Live


Our unicorns are based in beautiful, tranquil and magical locations within the UK.



Therefore and importantly this  means you can experience their magic all over the country.



All Unicorns are loved and cared for by their extended human family. The unicorn helpers cater and tend to their every need in spacious privately owned stables.



Unicorn welfare is paramount and our number one priority is that they are happy and healthy.



Most importantly all of the team are keen animal lovers who are highly experienced and experts in their field.



Sponsor a Unicorn …….



We specialise in making  the unicorn experience into a reality, by creating  an experience you will never forget.



If you want a Unicorn for a  birthday party, wedding, fete, festival, promotional event or a photo opportunity, we have one.



Also we will provide a fun, safe and friendly environment for you to interact with or ride our friendly unicorns.  This is no matter your ability or disability.



There are a wide variety of unicorns, who come in all shapes and sizes.



Because of the bespoke nature of our unicorns, when booking, you will need to provide details of your specific requirements.



This will enable us to provide you with the unicorn best suited to your booking.



How We started



Unicorn dreams was founded by Alyssya Carrington when her father, an award winning entrepreneur, took her to visit a Unicorn.



As a result that experience changed their lives.  Father and daughter, along with there helpers, set out on a mission to bring a broad Unicorn smile to as many children as possible by setting up and running childrens events all around the country.  Father and daughter have called the the Unicorn Tour.



We therefore teamed up with Unicorn keepers, across the UK, and put together a unique Unicorn roadshow.



So that we could bring these precious and dreamy characters to a town or city near you….



“My daughter has been very fortunate at a young age to do some amazing things, but the look on her face when she first saw a unicorn was priceless” Stafford Carrington CEO






Furthermore the locations for the Unicorn Dreams have been specifically chosen.  As we run so many local events there will always be an event or tour near you!  We host events in many counties.  Berkshire, Surrey, Manchester, Nottingham, West Midlands and of course lots of events in London.  Some events are weekend events so you can get a double chance to enjoy an event near you.



This is so we could utilise the unicorns free time to spread some magic and healing happiness to children a little less fortunate than our own.



Any suggestions are always welcome ……



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